Fundraising: $500 DSLR Challenge / by Douglas Koski

"Updating goal to the $500 DSLR Challenge.  If the goal of $500 is met, and the weather co-operates, I will do the hike with my DSLR and take photos of the journey.  The D5300 has GPS to plot the progress, and I've also got a battery grip that carries 2 batteries at a time to help last the day.  Challenge on!"

I wanted to share this to my blog as it is a pretty important subject matter to me.  I lost an uncle, who was very close to all his family members, last year to cancer.  One of his favorite activities was to hike, and he really looked forward to hiking Mt. Washington for Seek the Peak.  The fundraising was a side benefit.  The Mount Washington Observatory relies heavily upon the fundraising from Seek the Peak, and it is a great organization to support.  

In my uncle's honor, members of my family are working to keep the tradition of hiking Mt. Washington, to benefit the Mount Washington Observatory.  And, any support we might receive is definitely appreciated - both by our team, and most importantly the MWO.

There is only about a month left, and that is not much time for a new site.  But, if you have reached this page and are feeling at all inclined, please consider donating to myself or any family member, for the event by the link under my quote in red.

The Challenge still applies.  If i get to $500, I will post a link to the hike album in the blog.

UPDATE [6/21/2016]

I am extending the $500 challenge to include my entire team.  If our entire team is able to raise $2000 or more, I will (weather permitting) follow through on my end of the fundraising challenge.  The link for the Team Page is:  We do have some team members that are still trying to reach their $200 goals.  If we get them to their goals, I think we should match or be close to matching the $2000 team goal.   

Thank you to all who have supported so far and to anyone who supports us in the future!