Eagles Nest / by Douglas Koski

Yesterday's adventures proved to be more successful than I could have imagined!  My friend Dave and I used our lunch time to journey into the cemetery, and Dave receives all the credit for spotting one of the Eagles in a tree a bit before we were to arrive at the nest.  We both took some photos before heading to the tree with the nest.  Time flew by, lunch drew to a close, and Dave and I needed to make our return to work.   

I had noticed later in the day that the photos were very dark.  Turned out I had exposure compensation set for -2 stops of light on my camera.  Fortunately, I was able to recover the images pretty well.  Gotta love this camera upgrade.  

Traffic was looking pretty horrible at the end of the day (no surprise for the Boston area), so I decided to take another shot at photographing the Eagles instead of sitting in rush hour commute traffic.  Headed out was was joined on my walk by Mark, also from work.  We were both able to enjoy the Eagles, got to see a bit of the baby, and got to watch as one of the parents swooped in for dinner time.  It was pretty amazing to get to witness.  

As promised, the link to some of the pictures I took!  https://flic.kr/s/aHskCtS9tc

[10/5/2016 Update]

I had made several return trips and had updated the Flickr album several times.  I've added some of my favorite shots from those trips to this posting.  More can still be found at the link above.