An Autumn visit to Lost River Gorge / by Douglas Koski

Sinéad and I found a great deal on Groupon for an adventure we had been waiting a long time to go enjoy. We quickly discussed the finding and determined we needed to try to fit it in to our schedule before our next big adventure (hoping there will be updates to share for that as well). Our adventure brought us to Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves.

We made our way into the ticket office, had quick stop to the rest room (rushing water and all after a long drive), and then made our way down the boardwalk. It wasn’t much of a walk before the views began coming into focus.

The Autumn foliage added an extra touch of beauty to our short journey down the boardwalk, and then the stairs that followed. I’ve gone a little soft since hiking Mt. Washington, so I was relieved that the majority of the stairs were not ones to climb up. At the bottom of the stairs we met the river that played peek-a-boo between the boulders.

It was a beautiful sight! It was also thrilling to know that we had another mile to traverse, that this was only the beginning of what we would get to explore.

As the name suggests, there were also caves to be explored. Being a larger adult, and towing what camera gear I had brought, I did not adventure into the caves too much. Sinéad was all too happy to explore and report back, though! All too often the verdict was that I would not have fit…

The entire path was comprised of boardwalks. It made for an easy journey. Sinéad and I took our time making our way back up to the visitors center, but it would have taken much longer had we just been dedicated to blazing a trail up the boulders.

I must admit, I did expect the river to be a bit larger than what we were seeing. I had always envisioned the amount of visible water would just be more than it actually was. While there is quite a lot of water flowing through this river, it is, as the title suggest, fairly hidden. I quickly realized the rock formations were what really defined this location. That’s not to say there was a complete shortage of water, though… There were some great water features to be taken in along the way!

And, then we came upon the main water feature attraction of Lost River…


Paradise Falls


We continued along the boardwalk beyond. Sinéad continued to explore the remainder of the caves and I tried to get into some of those caves myself. The scenery was wonderful! The surrounding rock formations left one feeling small like a child, and in some places required some maneuvering to pass much like a playground.

I also used some of that time to get in some photo shoots with Sinéad!


Birds Nest

The final leg of our adventure brought us to an unusual birds nest. The nest had quite the view! We stopped and enjoyed the oddity and the view.