Photography has been one of my key interests for as long as I can remember,  I can still remember the first time I was able to use a SLR while on a whale watch in Bar Harbor.  I was about 7, and the limited zoom on the lens had brought me the closest I had ever been to a real, live, wild Bald Eagle.  It was an incredible rush!

Through the years, I've used several types of of film cameras and was exhilerated over the introduction of digital cameras.  The exhileration was short lived, however, as it was a while before digital started closing the quality gap on film (at least affordably).  

Then came my first DSLR, a D3100.  What had been a life-long love and hobby had instantly become a highly enjoyed field of study and practice.  As my skills and knowledge increased, so did the requests for my services.  And, with experience spanning nearly 2 decades in traditional and graphic arts (combined with my degree in Media Arts) my digital photography has definitely benefitted.  

I am always open to offers for putting my photography skills to use!  If you're in need of a photographer, just send me a message with the form below.

Thanks for visiting my site!  And, I hope you enjoy the photos!

- Doug

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