Day on the Pitch - 2017 / by Douglas Koski

Sinéad and I had the opportunity to again go to the New England Revolution - Day on the Pitch at Gillette Stadium.  We were concerned about clouds and crowds, but were very fortunate on both fronts.  There was some traffic backups on rt. 128, but that's just par for the course when encountering that multi-lane segment of lost faith in humanity.  We did eventually make our destination, and were heading towards the main gates.  Before too long, we were walking out onto the field.

We made a quick stop at the photo in the goal section to have our first photo taken on the field.  And then we made a b-line to take a shot on goal at the opposite end of the field.

After a couple shots on goal, Sinéad decided her seat should be upgraded to match her confidence...

We had a little more fun on the field before heading up to the concessions for a bit of a snack.

Selfie Time!!

Having had been to a previous day on the pitch a couple years ago, we knew how the lines were going to get.  We decided to hop in a line early to avoid some of the rush and listened to the introductions of the player from above.  Sinéad wandered over to watch, while I held our place in line.

The player announcements wrapped up and the players made their way up to the concourse.  Next up, we got to meet some of the players and get some autographs!

We were definitely fortunate to have help with the photos for each of the signings!  There were Revs employees at each station who were willing to help with the photos, and the last one (with Caldwell) was actually taken by the pro photographer for the event!  The players were all great to talk to and genuinely seemed happy to be meeting the fans.

Sinéad waiting for me to get out of the rest room.

After making sure we had met all the players who were there, we made our way back down to the filed to head to the locker room.  We had to stop for a bit of a photo shoot.  I took a couple shots of Sinéad, and then one of the ladies who was working there offered to take some photos for us as well.  She did literally tell us to do goofy faces (I think she might have known Sinéad's photo styles).

After a proper scaring of the locals, we made our way in to the locker rooms for a quick stop through.  I didn't take too many photos as there were some players who had made their way down, and I wanted to respect their privacy.  I did take the couple photos below though.  

By the time we got out of the locker rooms, the rain had started coming down at a decent rate.  We decided to pack it up and make our leave.  The rain had held out for the majority of the event, so neither of us were upset when we saw it picked up.  We made our way back to the car and headed home.  


Photos from our 2015 visit  

Since they were taken well before starting my photo journal, I wanted to add some images from our first / previous visit to a Meet the Revs event.  Here are the photos from that time through!