Impromptu Trip to Wells / by Douglas Koski

Sinéad and I started off our Sunday at a snail's pace.  We were both in great need of some relaxation time after celebrating my friend Aaron's wedding the day before.  It wasn't too long before a tantalizing proposition came our way.  And, it wasn't much longer after, that we were on the road to our next adventure.

We had an errand that required us to head to Sinéad's parents.  Once there we collected a couple party members and once again we were back on the road.  It wasn't long, and didn't take too much being lost, before we found our lunch destination and the rest of our party at the Merriland Farm Cafe.  Johnny-O proved to be the more manly eater at this destination, and was able to finish his entire meal.  The rest of us (myself definitely included) found ourselves quickly running out of room for the graciously sized portions.

From there we packed up and headed off to the beach!  

It was a beautiful day for a stroll by the water.  The air was a bit brisk and wind was strong, but the conditions were what anyone might expect in Maine.  I still had the camera rental for my friend's wedding the day before, so I took the chance to play with it a little more.  Perfect conditions to stay in ISO 100, so I knew any editing would be minimal.

We were surprised to find it was their community clean the beach day.  So, there were more people on the beach than we had expected, but it was no where near crowded.  I would say it was probably about the best conditions they could have hoped for as well.

Johnny and Uncle Billy led the pack.  I bounced around taking some photos.  And, the ladies enjoyed their casual stroll.

I came across a sea gull that was all too willing to have its photo taken.  It circled near-by several times, while I snapped away with the lens maxed at 70mm.  The bird couldn't have been at a more perfect distance! 

I met up with the ladies after my impromptu-photo-shoot with the sea gull before taking a quick journey down the jetty.  

I quickly made my way down to take a couple last shots. 

And, the final view of my return journey.