To Write Love on Her Arms ~ 2017 / by Douglas Koski

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Happy 2017 to everyone reading this!  It has been a while and a year has changed since my last post here, but I've been anxiously awaiting the chance to get some new posts up and going.  This year is shaping up to be a fairly eventful one!  

Sinéad and I started off our photo adventures this year by participating in the "To Write Love on Her Arms" walk in Concord, NH.  Our close friend Kasey Bittman has dedicated a great deal of her time and energy to support this great cause.  She organizes the event each year for Concord, and it never fails to be a great experience!  This year's proceeds went towards supporting the Homestead Inn.  We decided to bring along our niece and nephew this year, so there aren't quite as many photos as I would typically try to take but I was still able to grab some that I wanted to share.

The day started out with some refreshments and speeches.  I only was able to catch the end of the speeches as the route for the race was being described.  


I made it over just in time for the start.  We took a little stroll to the starting line and then posed for the group photo (as seen above).

With the group photo over, the 5k was officially under way!  The runners quickly pulled ahead while the walkers enjoyed a more leisurely pace.

The end of the 5k was met with time for socializing and some wonderful snacks!  The photography portion of my day drew to a close as the proximity of a playground proved a far too tantalizing adventure for my niece and nephew.  I relinquished my camera to Sinéad, and let my winter-starved skin soak in (a bit too much) vitamin D while the kids enjoyed every thrill the playground had to offer.

Sinéad returned my camera with a bit of a surprise.  She had taken this wonderful group photo!