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The Weekend of the 3 Photamigos! by Douglas Koski

Sinéad and I have long discussed the idea of my acquiring a cost effective backup DSLR. The idea was that it would allow me to fully trade off the D5300 to Sinéad to use after getting the D750. The side benefit was that my nephew Andy would have something he could take photos with. I have been scouring resources and product information for quite some time attempting to find a decent enough option to take advantage of. There was a killer deal for a D90 I barely missed out on listed on Craigslist, and I also was highly tempted by a D300s at a camera shop close to work. The stars aligned this past Saturday when I stopped into Hunts Photo and Video in Manchester and happened upon a deal I could hardly believe.

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An Autumn visit to Lost River Gorge by Douglas Koski

Sinéad and I found a great deal on Groupon for an adventure we had been waiting a long time to go enjoy. We quickly discussed the finding and determined we needed to try to fit it in to our schedule before our next big adventure (hoping there will be updates to share for that as well). Our adventure brought us to Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves.

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