Hike for Mike 2017 Patches / by Douglas Koski


For this year's Seek the Peak team and those who support us, I decided to design out some embroidered patches.  I was thinking this would be a good option for people who want something for the hike, but don't want to buy a shirt.  Also, they are available for purchase.  Please let a member of the Hike for Mike team know if you would like to buy one!  

The design was easy enough to hammer out, and the colors were already pretty well flushed out from the shirts.  The hard part came with trying to figuring out who trust with the production of the patches. 

My due diligence began, and I quickly found there were several online and local options.  Many of the online options seemed less than trustworthy - be it consistent online reviews, better business ratings, or just the website itself.  I was able to find a site that appeared legitimate and had several, outside, very positive online reviews.  The local option I investigated was nearly double the price of the online production shop.  I decided it was worth giving the online option a shot.

The online option was Custom Patches.  And, I'm writing this blog post as a review of my experience with their company.  I had noticed that one of the characteristics of working with this company was that they would only communicate when necessary.  I did find that to be true, but I was also all to happy to find that was the case.  They were definitely a get-it-done type outfit, and it wasn't long after agreeing to the project and submitting the payment that production friendly art work was mocked-up, a pre-production run completed, I gave the approval to finish, production ran through, and the project was shipped.  There was no non-critical communication during the entire process.

The shipment arrived the morning after I received the shipment notification.  While that's most likely attributed to proximity, I was not expecting such a quick turn-over there.  I was impressed to say the least.  Upon opening the package, I was really impressed with how well the patches came out!  I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to make some embroidered patches!

Here's a look at how they turned out!

2017-07-07 16.06.36.jpg
2017-07-07 09.09.41.jpg