Granite State Whale Watch / by Douglas Koski

I went on a great adventure with my wife and some of her family.  We headed to Rye, NH where we hopped on a boat with Granite State Whale Watch.  It was a lot of fun!  Though it started off a bit boring, it quickly picked up when we started catching some some spouts.  From there we were right on top of tracking several whales as they surfaced.  

We even got pretty lucky and caught a mother and baby humpback whale together.   


We spent several hours out on the water, and the crew did their best to make sure each passenger got every cent of what they paid for.  My wife and I were really impressed with the entire adventure.  Wish we could say the same for some of our companions, but not everyone fared so well on the choppy waters.

Here are some more images from the trip!