Castle in the Clouds / by Douglas Koski

Sinéad and I went on an adventure to the Castle in the Clouds in Moultonborough, NH.  While it might not have fit the typical description of a castle, it was quite the building to see!  

We started our adventure waiting forever to get in at the guard booth.  Given how quickly we eventually were able to make it in, the poor attendant on duty must have encountered a particularly inquisitive person a head of us in line.  Once we got through, we made our way to a small parking lot and a short trail to a waterfall.

We spent some time taking in this great waterfall before heading back to our car.  We then proceeded to wind up the one way, twisty road until we found the parking lot at the top.  As it was a little after lunch, we decided to pop into the restaurant in the carriage house.  A restaurant of which came complete with one of the best views we've ever enjoyed together.

After our hungrily anticipated and much enjoyed lunch, we hopped in the trolley car and made our way to the mansion itself.

The ride was fun and longer than I would have expected.  Once we got to the top we were ushered into a room for a presentation.  After the presentation we were free to wander the grounds.  There were several people on hand who were more than happy to answer any questions relating to the history of the building.  It was quite a trip, and we're planning to make it again soon!

Here are some photos from tour of the Castle in the Clouds.