In Less Than 2 Weeks... / by Douglas Koski

Presidential Election 2016

It's less than 2 weeks until the 2016 Presidential Election.  There is plenty to be said for this upcoming election, but nothing that will bear any significance.  I offer a tear drop to replace my voice...  

A tear drop for - what options we're left to choose from.
A tear drop for - the hostility and division these options have created. 
A tear drop for - what the final outcome might be.  
A tear drop for - the uncertainty and fear that has been nurtured all too well, both by candidates and reporters. 
A tear drop for - how the very real problems we face have been ignored.
A tear drop for - how this could irrevocably affect our innocent generations, and those to follow.
A tear drop for - how the abuses against the Native American protesters have been drowned-out for coverage of this.

I know I am not alone in regards to how I feel about this election.  I trust in the people of our country, and that they will vote for a candidate they believe is the best option for all of us.  Let us remember this - for the sake of each other - as we progress towards the inevitable.


I will continue to remain off Facebook until this election has finished.  I am doing this because the election posts were too negatively affecting my day to day disposition.  For any who have reached out and I have not replied to, I apologize.  I will catch back up later.


May the best of graces be upon us all over the following weeks.